Important! BEFORE You Enter Your Car:

  • Ensure your car complies with the rules stated under ‘Eligible Cars’
  • Ensure your car belongs to the right Category
  • Ensure your car make year is not older than 2003

Category Terms
EuroSport: European make vehicles below 500HP (stock from factory)
EuroSuperSport: European make vehicles above 500HP (stock from factory)
Supercar: Any make of Supercars
Open: Unlimited mods
Exclusive Vehicle: Those rarer than Supercars. Examples are Hypercars, Supermodifieds, limited editions.

KL Supercar Drag Race Categories

  • Exclusive Vehicle
  • Supercar 4WD Stage 2 below
  • Supercar 2WD Stage 2 below
  • Supercar and EuroSuperSport Open 4WD
  • Supercar and EuroSuperSport Open 2WD
  • EuroSuperSport 4WD Stage 2 below
  • EuroSuperSport 2WD Stage 2 below
  • EuroSport 4WD 500HP below
  • EuroSport 2WD 500HP below
  • EuroSport Open 4WD
  • EuroSport Open 2WD

Eligible Cars
This event has set a standard for vehicles to be able to join:

  • Vehicles participating must come equipped with functioning seatbelt and/or racing harness
    • Seatbelt will be scrutineered for function & safe to use
    • Racing harness must have valid FIA approval & be mounted correctly
  • Each vehicle must have a valid road tax (Approved by JPJ)
  • Foreign vehicles must provide legal documents proving registration for road use (Approved by JPJ)
  • Official stickers/labels handed out by organisers during the registration must be labeled on all vehicles. Any vehicles with inappropriate decals may be excluded from the event/results.
  • All cars must be safe for usage. Loose objects must be removed and cars will be inspected before the race.
  • Any video/camera recorders attached must be securely mounted and approved by the marshal/crew.
  • Vehicles with any oil leaks will be suspended from the event until a mechanic rectifies the problem.

*Burnouts and Donuts are NOT ALLOWED in the event*

All cars entering the competition must not be older than the year 2003.