General Guidelines
KL Supercar Drag Race is an outdoor event. Therefore it can get hot, so make sure you are always well hydrated, using the Racer Lounge’s air-conditioned room as a rest area.

Before You Enter Your Car

  1. Read the latest version of the Technical Info document provided.
  2. Ensure your car complies with the rules stated in the Technical Info under ‘Eligible Cars’. Refer to the ‘Car Categories’ section to assist you if required.
  3. Pictures of you & your car are required. We usually require a front 3/4 shot and an engine bay shot. If you have more photographs of your car attach them with your Registration Form. The better the pictures, the better your profile will look and the happier your sponsors/fans will be.

How to Enter Your Car

  1. Complete and submit the Registration Form. Make sure you specify your tyres.
  2. Once your Registration Form has submitted, you will be given a bank account number. Participants are to bank in the entry fee and stating their Full Name and category.
  3. Your place will be confirmed once the entry fee has been paid.
  4. After your Registration Form has been processed and approved, you will have to print out a form. You will then bring this form to one of the accredited scutineering workshop along with your registered vehicle(s).

Official Entry Forms
All participants MUST complete the official KL Supercar Drag Race Registration Form. All official Registration Forms must be completed and returned no later than 14th July 2016. Late entries will incur a RM250 processing charge (no exceptions).

Competitor Pass Collection
Competitor Pass & Competition and Category number stickers will be available for collection through an authorized panel near you.

Parking allocations
Parking info will be available on the official website.

Team and Race Car Appearance
KL Supercar Drag Race will be a historical event with a lot of media covering it for numerous publications and will also be live streamed nationally. Ensure that both your car and your team look the part. Remember you’re not just representing your workshop and your sponsors; you’re also representing your country.