It is compulsory for all drivers to attend the drivers’ briefing for the event.
However, the organizers reserve special rights to hold a special drivers’ briefing in addition to the compulsory briefing.


  • All drivers must have a valid driving license
  • Proper attire must be equipped (closed shoes)
  • Helmets are encouraged but not compulsory, therefore it will not be enforced
  • Helmets must have a minimum approval standard of SIRIM
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times
  • All drivers must present their pass to a member of crew or marshal before the race
  • All drivers must attend the safety briefing held every morning before the event starts
  • No passengers are permitted inside the vehicle during the race (except for special arrangements)
  • Vehicles must come equipped with functioning seatbelt and/or racing harness
    • Seatbelt will be scrutineered for function & safe to use
    • Racing harness must have valid FIA approval & be mounted correctly
  • Each vehicle must have a valid road tax (Approved by JPJ)
  • Foreign vehicles must provide legal documents proving registration for road use (Approved by JPJ)
  • All cars must be safe for usage. Loose objects must be removed and cars will be inspected before the race
  • Any video/camera recorders attached must be securely mounted and approved by the marshal/crew
  • Vehicles with any oil leaks will be suspended from the event until a mechanic rectifies the problem
  • Before the race starts, all cars are required to be in forward gear at starting line.

**Burnouts and Donuts ARE NOT ALLOWED in the event**

Due to the fact that this is a large scaled event held in the city, we have covered some safety aspects to ensure the safety of the viewer’s, participants and the involved parties.

  • Concrete barriers will be placed along the field to protect the spectators/ VIPs who are attending the event.
  • Additionally, tyre walls will be set up strategically at potential danger spots.
  • We have requested assistance for first aid and ambulance and bomba trucks will be on standby.
  • Standard metal barricades will be used to prevent pedestrians from entering the zones. This is to prevent crowding and delaying the process and also to ensure that the vehicles are safe.


Since this event includes night runs, we have taken some extra precautions. Such as:

  • Yellow blinking lights at the braking zone for drivers to identify when to brake.
  • Red blinking lights to indicate that the drivers should have fully decelerated by this point.


In an event where necessary, the organizers have absolute rights to stop the event until deemed appropriate.

  • Red light –all drivers must stop at the starting grid and not leave their vehicles.


When a green light is lit, the race will resume instantly.


Since this is a public event, the organizers understand that there will be a difference in experience on the track. Therefore:

  • All drivers are reminded to be considerate as there are differences in experience between drivers.
  • Any driver endangering or obstructing other participants may be excluded from the race.